About Us


We develop a network of dependable fitness centers for consumers to choose from


Fostering pride in our businesses and communities.


Improving standards of customer service


Internet consumers who want to shop with dependable and quality fitness centers.

       MyRBB was established in September 2005 as a family owned and operated business. Seeing the need for a fitness directory for the DMV. MyRBB has instituted quality reviews to enhance the customer’s experience and to improve the service provided by the listing businesses.
       MyRBB has two main objectives: the first objective is to “Bridge the Gap” between consumers and reliable fitness centers and to assist with addressing consumer issues with unreliable businesses. The second objective is to give businesses an avenue to tell the world that they are willing to work hard to guarantee your customer satisfaction.
       MyRBB takes pride in providing consumers with a list of reliable fitness centers with a easy to navigate website. MyRBB also offers subscribers exclusive discounted offers, news updates, calendar of business and social events, and business testimonials.